9-5 No Repeat Workday!

The 9-5 No Repeat Workday! Listen for your chance to win $1,000, if we repeat a song twice from 9am-5pm. Brought to you by Security Bank of Kansas City!

Official Contest Rules: 

In order to qualify as a repeat song, you must hear KCKC-FM (KC 102.1) repeat the exact song twice in one day between the hours of 9:00AM – CST and 5:00PM – CST during the weekdays ONLY (Monday-Friday). The repeated song MUST play in it’s entirety at anytime during the previously mentioned hours and play again within the same hours (9:00AM- CST and 5:00PM – CST) in its entirety to be considered a repeat song. 

The first person to call in at 816-984-1021, and correctly identify the repeat song will win $1,000. KC 102.1 and Steel City Media management team will be the final decision maker in verifying the repeat song against the official radio station music log. The official radio station music log can be made available for verification at the Steel City Media front desk – 4045 Mill Street, Kansas City, MO 64111 (available for review Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm). No other music reporting log or list will be considered as an official radio station playlist, other than the official radio stations music log as reported by our music scheduler, (including, but not limited to: KC 102.1’s mobile app and/or KC 102.1’s website streaming player). 

Winners of the 9 to 5 No Repeat Workday will only be eligible to win one time every 12 months from the date of first winning. In addition, the contest rules listed above, KC 102.1’s General Contest rules apply. Prize valued at: $1,000.